Frequently Asked Questions

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  • The easiest way to contact us is to write to us on Chat support. Open the tab on our website and hit the Chat button.

  • We currently have offices in Punta Cana and Bayahibe but are planning to expand into other locations in the Dominican Republic.

  • All our cars have automatic transmissions and are equipped with air-conditioning and airbags.

How to book a car

All reservations are accepted through our website. Fill in all the required fields on the main page of our website. Indicate the desired pick up date and time, payment method and any additional services. We will send you an email with booking confirmation and all necessary information regarding your rental.

Documents you will need

Documents you will need:

  • Driver’s passport.
  • Driver’s license.
  • Credit or Debit card. This is required for the security deposit.
  • Payment for the car rental or payment confirmation if payment was made through our website.

Can I use my national driver’s license and can someone else’s credit/debit card be used for the deposit

  • Yes. You can use your own country's driver’s license.
  • We can accept a credit/debit card of someone other than the driver provided their name is on the rental agreement.

Cars can be picked up and dropped off only at our office locations and at the International Airport Punta-Cana. You can get to our office location using our transfer, by Uber or by foot. Remember, you must have already made your car reservation on our website.


We provide transfer service from your hotel to the pick up location and back to your hotel when you drop the car off.

Where should I wait for the transfer service

The transfer service will meet you at the hotel reception area or at a meeting spot at the time indicated on the reservation. You can expect a white minivan with the sign M & E Tours. Before boarding the minivan, please be sure that you are on the right minivan and check your reservation with the driver by showing him a copy of your email confirmation. When booking the transfer, please state the full name of your hotel.

The process takes about 10 minutes and is fully automated. We will check your documents, process a deposit and give you the keys. We also send a copy of the rental agreement to your email.

Inspect the car for damage

Cars may sometimes have some minor damage. This damage should be photographed before renting and any damage should be listed in the “known damage” section of the electronic rental agreement.

If you do not photograph the damage and the damage is not listed in the “known damage” section of the rental agreement, you may be liable for it.

Where can I find the car documents

Registration and insurance documents are in the glove compartment. Check them before traveling. It is not necessary to remove them from the glove compartment unless needed.

Who may drive the car

It is not permitted for anyone to drive the car other than the drivers listen on the rental agreement. This would be a serious violation of the terms of the rental agreement as well as a violation of traffic laws. If the car were damaged, you would be responsible for repairs as insurance would be cancelled. In addition, there would be a $300 fine.

Drop off the car at our office location during working hours.

You can pick your car up during the working hours you indicated on the rental agreement. If you decide you would like to pick up the car earlier or extend the rental agreement, please give us an hour’s notice and contact us on Chat on our webpage. Please let us know if you will need transfer service to your hotel or the airport.

Self or after hours drop off

You can return the car yourself during business hours or after hours by doing the following:

1 Park the car at our office

2 Take a photo of the mileage and fuel level indicators

3 Close the doors and take a picture of the 4 sides

4 Drop the keys into the white tube in the metal drawer

5 Notify us on Chat that you have returned the car to the parking lot and include the car number on the fob.

Can I drop the car off at the hotel, airport or in another city

You can drop the car off only at our office location unless other arrangements have been made with our support staff on Chat. If for some reason you are unable to contact us and would like to return a car, you may drop it off yourself at the office parking lot without violating the terms of service.

Click on this link points to see a map with points of interest

Gas stations, exchange offices, grocery stores and other useful places are marked on the map. You will need the Maps me program in order to create an itinerary.

How to import bookmarks?.

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Write to us in the Chat box on our website and indicate the reservation number and the change you wish to make.

Up to 24 hours before the start of the rental. You can cancel your booking free of charge. If you decide to cancel or shorten the reservation without a 24 hour notice, you may be charged the cost of a day’s rental

Please see our cancellation policy for more information.

All cars are covered with comprehensive third party and collision damage insurance.

The driver should pay only if he caused the damage.

In case an accident happens due to your fault, liability is limited with 40 000 DOP for damages up to 100 000 DOP.
Or 40 000 DOP and 20% of the damage cost for damages above 100 000 DOP. (For compact / standard classes)

For other car classes, liability is limited with 60,000 DOP for damage up to 150,000 DOP.
Or 60,000 DOP and 20% of the cost of damage for damage over 150,000 DOP.

If the damage was caused by something other than a traffic accident (for example: careless driving or driving while impaired), then the driver would be held responsible for the entire amount of the damage as well as repair time.

We also offer an extended insurance coverage that limits your liability within 15 000 DOP in case of any accidents. (For compact / standard classes)

However, the rates will be increased.

For other car classes, the liability is up to 30,000 DOP in case of any damage.

The rental agreement applies only to one driver.

If the car will be driven by more than one driver, it is worth adding their names into the contract as Additional Driver(AD).

We do not work with international insurance companies that are included in the servicing of your credit/debit cards. Our cars are insured by a local insurance company.

A deposit is used to cover any service rule violations such as road fines, car returned with less than full tank, smoking violations and ext.

We require a credit/debit card to cover any rule violations or if you wished to extend your rental period.

A passport is not acceptable as security deposit as it is your personal document and we recommend that you keep it with you and not transfer it to third parties.

Cash. Even if you are fully insured, your liability for incidentals incurred over the car rental period significantly exceeds the minimum required $300 security deposit. We want our Gooddog customers to be happy with our service so we accept a minimum deposit while you maintain responsibility for the car.

Your security deposit will be unlocked automatically in 24 hours when you drop off the car. You don’t need to do anything. Once the deposit is unlocked, you will receive an email. Also the transaction will disappear from your payment history or the “hold” icon will be removed.

The deposit is automatically unlocked once the car has been returned and checked by our technicians. The refund of your deposit is made to your card within 24 hours.In some cases, this process may take up to 7 business days depending on your bank. Confirmation of unlocking of funds will be provided upon request after 7 working days.

Reliable and comfortable child seats are available to rent.They are suitable for children up to 80 pounds and multiple seats are available.

Portable router and 1GB of data for the whole rental period. You can take it with you to the hotel.

A Sim card with a telephone number and internet connection. You can share the internet between other users.

We recommend using Google Maps or In addition, try to plan a route using the wider toll roads.

The minimum charge is one day even if the car is returned earlier than 24 hours.

We provide promotional code discounts for regular clients. We also have a referral program. Information about these is available on our social network sites.

Indicate the promo code in the comments section of your reservation. You will receive an email showing the new cost amount.

Reservation system daily rental prices and discounts may vary depending on the season and demand.

We accept

  • All cards except American Express
  • Cash in USD, Euros, Dominican Pesos.
  • Online payment on the site

You may pay for the upcoming rental on our website, in which case you will receive an additional 5% discount.

At our office, you may pay for your rental however is most convenient for you.

All payments made through our website are converted into Dominican pesos. When you select a payment option on our website or at the terminal in our office, currency conversion will automatically be made from you card’s currency to pesos at the international exchange rate.

Yes. Cars are issued with a full tank and should be returned with a full tank.If you take the Prepaid fuel option, you can return the car with any amount of fuel.

All cars using gasoline should be fueled only with Regular gasoline - 92 octane. Use fuel appropriate for the vehicle.

You can use Google Maps or if you don’t have the internet.

Upon arriving at the station:

1 Make sure the meter on the fuel dispenser has been reset and the appropriate type of fuel selected - Regular gasoline - 92 octane.

2 Carefully monitor the refueling so as to avoid and cheating.

3 After the gas shutoff switch is triggered, the display will show the amount to be paid in pesos and the amount of fuel in gallons. 1 gallon = 3.8 liters.

4 Pay the attendant in pesos, dollars or by credit card.

If you select this option, you may return the car with any amount of fuel and will not need to refuel it yourself. There is no refund for unused fuel.

If the car is not fully refueled, we will fill it ourselves however the fuel cost will be about 15 percent higher.

The driver must be at least 21 years of age and have 2 years driving experience.

* To rent a vehicle in a class higher than Economy and Standard, you must be at least 25 years old with 5 years driving experience.

Drivers who signed the rental agreement.

The driver is always responsible for non-compliance with traffic rules and payment of fines. We pay fines immediately upon receipt. We will then redirect the payment invoice to the driver and include an administrative fee. We send email documentation of fines and information on fines is stored in the travel history.

The driver is always responsible for non-compliance with traffic rules and payment of fines. If an AMET agent (traffic police) wrote out and handed you a summons, you should inform us of this in the Chat box of our website and we will tell you what to do next.

On most highways, the speed limit is 80-100 km/hour. Try not to exceed the posted limits by more than 20 km/hour.

There are no speed cameras on the roads. However AMET(traffic police) may be clocking you with radar.

All Gooddog vehicles have equipment installed to monitor and control speed.

Drinking and driving is prohibited in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is a safe country in which to live and travel but as in most countries, it is best to observe some basic safety rules. Do not leave valuables in the car in view. Try not to wear expensive watches, jewelry and cameras on the streets and beaches.

We do not recommend travelling between cities after 8:00PM as the highways are not lighted. Because of this, stopping on a highway may be less safe. Many cars and motorbikes travel without headlights or just using high beams. Try to complete long trips before dark.

Both wild and domestic animals can be found wandering on the road at any time of the day and any section of the road.Keep that in mind when driving.

Rains in the Dominican Republic are local but heavy. When it rains, it pours, reducing visibility to tens of meters. Usually, rains like that end in 5 - 30 minutes. We recommend that you reduce speed significantly or pull over in a safe spot.

In daytime when the asphalt becomes very hot,rubber becomes soft and during the first few minutes of rain, the road becomes slippery. This significantly affects control of the vehicle. Avoid maneuvers and high speeds.

Driving rules for the main roads of the Dominican Republic are flexible. The unwritten law for intersections is that the larger vehicle has the right of way. In any situation, always yield to trucks and buses.

Parking spaces should be available for free at your hotel or residence.

Parking on the street in the Dominican Republic is free.

Shopping centers, beaches and cafes all usually have secure parking spaces.

In the capital and in main cities, it is advisable not to leave the car on the street or in an unsecured parking area after dark. We recommend that you leave the car overnight in a guarded parking lot.

Driving off-road in fields, on mountains or beaches in Gooddog cars is absolutely prohibited. There is a $100 fine for violating these rules and you may be liable for hidden damages caused by such driving.

Most of the roads in the Dominican Republic are in excellent condition. There are MOPC patrols on the highways that will offer technical and medical assistance if necessary. Toll charges on various highways can differ but they usually do not exceed $1 to $7 per trip depending on the section. Payment is accepted only in cash and in pesos.

Be sure

  • you are pressing the brake pedal and that the automatic transmission is in Parking position
  • that the steering wheel is not locked and that the key is fully turned in the ignition
  • that the power button is in the “off” position
  • the car has enough fuel.
  • If the car still does not start, write us on chat on our web site or call: +1 (849) 243-07-00

Make sure:

  • The automatic transmission is in Drive position
  • that you don’t have a flat tire
  • that you have not run into an obstacle, that there are no foreign objects under the car.

If the problem still exists, write us on chat on our web site or call: +1 (849) 243-07-00

As soon as possible, inform us about what happened by phone +1 (849) 243-07-00.
Or text us on support chat on the site and tell us what happened.
Use 911 to call the police / ambulance / fire department

Take a photos of the damages, license plate and insurance policy of another car, driver's license of all road accident participants or witnesses.

Wait for AMET (Road police) to register an accident report or go to the nearest police station.
Get a copy of the protocol in your hands.

As soon as possible, inform us about what happened by phone +1 (849) 243-07-00 or write to the support chat on the site and tell us what happened. Please note that technical support may work with delays at night.

Use 911 to call the police / ambulance / fire department.

There's a road patrol (the MOPC) which works on toll roads, and if necessary will provide technical and medical assistance, provide a free tow truck and wheel repairs. Also, there is insurance in the glove compartment of the car, you can call at the specified phone number and get a technical assistance or a tow truck , it is also free.

If you think you left something in the car, immediately report it to us by Chat on our website

We are not responsible for things left in the car. Items and documents found by our stuff are stored for one month from the time they are located.

You can pick up your forgotten things in our office.