11 FEB 2021
Important COVID 19 Update

From February 8, 2021 to February 22, 2021, since the start of the pandemic, a curfew is in effect in the Dominican Republic.

04 JUN 2020
Traffic rules

The first thing that you should know about driving a car in the Dominican Republic is that everyone has their own free and easy style of driving.

05 JUN 2020

Except for some shopping centers and airports, parking on the street in the Dominican Republic is free.

11 JUN 2020

The Dominican Republic can be proud of the high number of excellent roads throughout the country. Road service assistance vehicles patrol the highways and travelling around the country is enjoyable and comfortable.

18 JUL 2020
How and where to refuel

All cars are issued with a full tank of gas. The cost of fuel is the same throughout the country so there is no need to go searching for the cheapest gas prices.