Except for some shopping centers and airports, parking on the street in the Dominican Republic is free.

Nevertheless, you should be careful about where you park.Here are a few precautions and recommendations: Parking at night
Parking at your hotel or apartment is convenient and free. Park if you are a customer or hotel guest.

If you are in an unfamiliar area, be sure to leave the car in a secure, guarded parking lot.

In popular tourist places, someone will likely approach you and offer to look after your car. In fact, their service is not really useful but you can leave them tips at your discretion.

When parking on the street, be sure that you will not be impeding the flow of bus and truck traffic as there is a small chance you will be towed if you do. Wheel locks are also sometimes used.

Parking on the beach.
Parking on the beach is easy and convenient. Just remember not to leave anything of value on the seats. Better yet, place them in the trunk. Don’t forget the towels!

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