The Dominican Republic can be proud of the high number of excellent roads throughout the country. Road service assistance vehicles patrol the highways and travelling around the country is enjoyable and comfortable.

Most intercity highways are toll roads and they are divided into sections. Tolls range from $1 to $7 based on the traffic volume and complexity of the road.

For example, a trip from Punta Cana to Santo Domingo and back will cost $9. A trip from Punta Cana to Mount Redonda or Macao Beach will be free. Travel advisories.

Speed bumps and road cones. They are usually placed where you will need to slow down before sharp turns, intersections, exits, schools. Speed bumps are rarely painted or marked so if you are driving on an unfamiliar road, keep up with the flow of traffic but if there are no other cars, be careful to look out for both.

Animals on the road. The Dominican Republic is a very green and wide open country. Dogs, horses and cows can sometimes appear even on highways secured by fencing. Observe the speed limit but don’t hesitate to slow down and make an Instagram story if you come across animals off the pasture.

Road lighting. Most of the highways are unlit and as most of the locals know the routes so well, lighting the highways is not considered necessary. Travelling between cities after dark can be stressful, especially in the rain. We recommend that you plan your route in advance and refrain from traveling in the dark.

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